The Ten Worst Films of 2015

Now that we’ve gone through the good of the year, it is time to get a little more fun. 2015 may have been a great year for movies, but that does not mean it was completely devoid of garbage. And there was plenty of it. So, now I will highlight the films you either also had to suffer through or ones I urge you never to come within a hundred foot radius of.

There were some films that just missed the list, but they need to be mentioned as the atrocities they are. David Gordon Green’s Our Brand Is Crisis was a toothless political satire with a simplistic message that beats you over the head. Cameron Crowe’s Aloha has no idea what it was, what it was about, and what tone it was going for. Fantastic Four fell victim to studio meddling in the worst sense of it. Magic Mike XXL was a tedious road trip movie that automatically assumes you care about all these people, which you don’t. Angelina Jolie Pitt’s By the Sea may be the most sleep-inducing film of the year. And the year’s biggest disappointment: Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland. Never have I agreed with a film’s message and disliked the actual film so much at the same time.

But the next ten… these are the ones that made me angry.

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